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Enhance scholarly and clinical research activities with strategic benchmarking

Maximize referrals from affiliated physicians

The H1 platform enables you to track patient volume generated by your affiliated physicians. Recapture referrals by prioritizing the right physicians to engage based on past engagement, patient volume, insurance type, and service-line.

Use market insights to locate out-of-network referral opportunities and monitor your market share

Our market insights data helps you identify new out-of-network referral opportunities in-line with your health systems’ desired specifications. Track their referral trends over time to determine the right time to engage.

Monitor market share shifts over time to determine if your physician engagement efforts are creating value for your healthcare organization.

Integrate with your CRM to power insights where they matter most.

H1 integrates with every leading CRM - including SalesForce and Dynamics - to make the life of your liaison and marketing teams more efficient.
Veeva® and H1 are not partners and Veeva® does not endorse H1 Insights' products or services. Our prior communication should instead have said that the H1 platform is recommended by H1 for use with Veeva® CRM solutions

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