Introducing the Launch of H1.

H1. was born out of the premise that the enormous wealth of scholarly and clinical data should be harnessed by the people who produce and fund it.

Scholarly publications, clinical trials, patents, and conference activity, when aggregated and attributed to the correct authors and contact information, can lead to profound analytics. H1.’s result is an evolving, interconnected archive of the drugs, methods, thought leaders, and macro trends shaping the world of healthcare today.

Our products, fueled by H1.’s core Data Universe, are named after scientists who have moved the historical needle forward--visionaries who inspire us.

  • H1.Darwin, after the creator of evolutionary theory, was built to change the way users survey and analyze scholarly literature and clinical studies from across the biomedical spectrum.
  • H1.Curie, after the groundbreaking chemist and Nobel laureate, provides a dynamic tool for finding and analyzing the impact and influence of opinion leaders in a given scientific or therapeutic domain.
  • H1. Ada, after the founding mother of computer science, offers holistic profiles of the people, places, and events that power progress in healthcare from the ground-up.

If there is one thing we can learn from science and its greatest minds, it’s that ours are only some of the countless alternative hypotheses that could succeed in solving urgent problems. H1. is calling on collaborators with diverse perspectives and skills to help us realize the full potential of our data and unearth more stories it can tell.

Whether it’s for academia, research centers and labs, clinical practice, biotech and pharma companies, government agencies - join us on this journey and change the way science happens.

For more information, any questions, all ideas, contact us at