H1.Curie - Opinion Leader Identification and Analysis Platform

Tools for medical affairs organizations to identify, analyze and apply the critical information surrounding opinion leaders to their engagements. Get a complete picture of how and why an individual is impacting any given therapeutic area.

Identify Leaders

Customizable search to find the top global KOLs in a Therapeutic Area based on your own use-cases.

  • Customizable search to find the top global KOLs in a Therapeutic Area based on your own use-cases.
  • Filter down your results to the exact criteria for your use-case.
  • Sort leaders by H1’s custom ranking, or even add your own.
  • Analyze and find the right leaders by viewing how much work is related to your search, how that relates to the leader’s total work, and even how it has changed over time.


Understand and analyze a leader’s full profile. Access their latest publications, trials, payments, congresses and much more.

  • Contact a leader with their latest contact and affiliation data.
  • Evaluate at a glance with overview statistics
  • Keep up-to-date by viewing a leader’s most recent work.
  • Analyze a leader’s work by reading and searching through all of their scholarly and clinical work.

Data Updates

Get notified when a leader or institution you are tracking has any new activity. Never go into a meeting uninformed again.

  • Get Notified when a leader has a new publication, trial, congress, or changes affiliations.
  • Save and Track the leaders and institutions you want to, without the noise of everything else.
  • Access the newest data on all the leaders to make the best decision before your competitors do.

Influence Mapping

Leverage Social-Network analysis algorithms to understand who the true leaders are, and what their range of influence is.

  • Find other similar leaders that can help with your cause.
  • Understand how a leader is being influenced, and who they are influencing.
  • Analyze leader networks to get a picture of the entire market.

Tag and Save

Easily mark which leaders you have worked with in the past, who you may want to reach out too in the future and much more.

  • Tag leaders with your previous engagements to keep the entire organization informed.
  • Save leaders to a list to reference it later.
  • Filter on your tags while searching to integrate your company’s activities with H1’s analytical tools.

CRM Integration via API

Sync your leader data across platforms. Identify and analyze your leaders in H1 without the hassle of manually copying over the data.

  • Access the latest data on all of your leaders in your CRM by leveraging H1’s API and CRM Integration.
  • Seamlessly integrate any of your systems with a developer-friendly REST API.
  • Partnerships with CRM Vendors to automatically find your KOL’s latest scholarship.
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